Policy Statement

Alassia NewShips Management Inc. is committed to provide world-class ship management services that meet or exceed safety and environmental requirements as well as, customer's expectations, and to conduct its operations in a manner which protects safety, human health, quality of the provided services, the environment and the property.

The below policies are being embraced by all shore and sea-going personnel:

  • Safety Policy: The Company is committed to provide safe practices in ship operation and a safe working environment for ensuring prevention of human injury or loss of life, welfare of employees and avoidance of any adverse impact on property and its goal is to achieve ZERO accidents through continuous improvement.
  • Quality Policy: The Company is committed to provide quality services which consistently and continuously meet the requirements of its customers.
  • Environmental Policy: The Company is committed to improve environmental performance in all areas of vessels operation and its long-term goals are to achieve ZERO incidents and ZERO spills at sea through continuous improvement.
  • Health and Hygiene Policy: The Company is committed to always ensure that all employees execute their work under healthy and hygienic conditions and its goal is to achieve the highest standards of health and personal hygiene through continuous improvement.
  • Drug & Alcohol Policy: The Company has banned all alcoholic beverages from the managed vessels (ZERO alcohol policy). Also, any form of drug is prohibited except of prescribed drugs, as well as the misuse of legitimate drugs.
  • Cyber Security Policy: The Company is committed to enforce the behaviours mandated by this Policy, monitor and increase employees’ awareness to verify their familiarization with potential threats, focus on security training and train employees on strategies necessary to prevent or respond to threats.