Environmental Social Governance

We must work together to face the common environmental challenge.


We pride ourselves in having a sound environmental policy and always being a top-quality and risk adverse operator while maintaining our vessels up to and beyond all regulatory and class requirements. We have voluntarily adopted ISO 14001, ISO 50001, ISO 9001 and ISO45001 since 2016, receiving full accreditation from Lloyd’s Register. The vast majority of our ships are modern and Japanese built, and many are equipped with scrubbers and energy saving devices. By committing a large part of our fleet to long term charters with major charterers we share the common goal of reducing carbon emissions. We explore the most innovative ways to optimise voyages, and cooperate fully with our charterers to trial new technologies and software programmes. These partnerships have enabled us to collect, monitor and analyse the performance of our vessels, including all emissions to the environment.


We strive to create a workplace that makes people feel welcome and delivers an environment that ensures everyone can reach their full potential. To that end, we organize team-building activities as well as self-improvement and development seminars. Our seafarer’s safety, well-being and good mental health is an ongoing priority for our company – all our vessels are modern, with gyms, and our recreation and accommodation facilities have been rated as exceeding average. Various competitions are run through the year to encourage team-building and integration, and we are a proud signatory of the Neptune Declaration. For many years we have been contributors to special causes like the Good Samaritan, Child Trauma Treatment Association, Model Nurseries, The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration etc and we frequently sponsor young athletes.


Our overarching ethos at Alassia NewShips Management is to value and treat all, from partners to colleagues, equally and without prejudice. We are open-minded and act with respect and fairness as a team where everyone is important and necessary. We employ a diverse workforce with high values and morals, who care about their colleagues, their company, and the environment. We are always keen to adopt and apply new procedures that will increase fairness, create a better workplace and will give more incentives and opportunities to our staff.

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